Film, photo and print production and postproduction and graphic design

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  • Film
  • TV and radio production
  • Photo production
  • Motion graphic
  • 3D
  • Creative strategies for ATL&BTL
  • Print production
  • Graphic design a DTP services
  • Web and digital communication
  • Instore
  • Presentation materials and exhibitions

Shadow allows you to see things with a relaxed face, it is a wrinkle free zone. We provide a shield and filter all that comes in to a comprehensive and clear output. Our services in the audio visual field of production and postproduction could be a package deal or separate items. Our aim is to take good care of the projects from the beginning till the end. We value the trust of our clients and keep a consistent attitude in order to anchor our position on the market as a reliable production company with years of experience. Our team consists of professionals who know-how and are ready to help.


Our own experience has brought us to a conclusion that communication is the key and that willingness and open mind are great company of every business man and woman. Clients are those who trust in our creativity and efficiency and we show our appreciation by our best effort to give them comfort, support and most of all quality product of a job well done. We aim high and think deep in order to build strong foundation and unceasing prospects for satisfaction.



We offer our skills for the purposes of advertisement and creative strategies that are presented in the form of commercial spots, videos, photographs, promotional and ad campaigns and events. We are not afraid to take the hard way and innovative approach. Our intentions are good and our experience is our solid background.


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